Each technology you can see over in the right hand column is a technology that we have direct, first hand experience of. You can be confident that we know what we are talking about in these areas.

System Design

To ensure our customers maximise their IT investments we use our multi platform technology skills to help design robust, cost effective computer network, communication and software systems.

Our systems design expertise helps to make sense of the multitude of new technologies and helps us to assist our customers in creating a global IT strategy encompassing all aspects of their business computing systems.


We understand that IT support is not just about fixing problems, it's also about working with the client to analyse their systems and make recommendations where appropriate.

Businesses generally don't have the luxury of being able to cease their business activity whilst this is taking place. This, by nature, can require very careful planning and assessment due to the obvious risk involved.

A projects smooth transition into the business can ensure that benefit is realised as per business case and possibly open up further opportunities for re-investment.


Installation and configuration services are an extension of our project management and integration skills. Incorporating technology into live computing environments, following analysis and investigation with the customer, is one of our major strengths.

We pride ourselves in the attention to detail given to each project, irrelevant of its size. Equipment supplied as part of our solutions can be delivered to suit each customer. We can help manage large logistical installation projects or deliver equipment fully configured to ease your own installation.


Carrying out the relevant level of documentation for IT systems is a skill in it's own right. Significant savings in time. money and effort can be achieved by ensuring your documentation is available and up to date. This is key to the successful operation of your business. We will provide documentations that is clear and unambiguous for all of our projects. We can even come in and help you document what you already have.


Few businesses these days can afford to over look the many benefits that virtualisaion brings to them. Whether its reductions in power/cooling costs, freeing up space in the DC or providing a more resiliant services helping to reduce downtime, the question is no longer "what should we virtualise" but more "what wont we virtualise". One of our strongest skills here at Kickstart is virtualisation. We will help you make the right decisions, even when it comes to cloud computing